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Home GCMMF Ltd is a well known organisation for its leadership in dairy industry. Apart from marketing of dairy products, GCMMF Ltd provides support in dairy farming by extending veteroanry services and quality inputs like Cattle Feed etc. GCMMF Ltd is the largest producer of Cattle feed in India and is associated with it since 1964. We have 15 Cattle feed Plants with combined production capacity of more than 11,500 MT per day. We produce high quality feeds at our ISO 9001 certified plants and follow stringent quality norms at each step starting from procurement of raw materials till dispatch of finished product.
Our Plants List of Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plants:
Cattle Feed Plant, Planpur, Banaskantha
Cattle Feed Plant, Katarva, Banaskantha
Cattle Feed Factory, Kanjari, Kheda
Cattle Feed Plant, Kapadvanj, Kheda
Cattle Feed Plant, Ubkhal, Mehsana
Cattle Feed Plant, Jagudan, Mehsana
Cattle Feed Plant, Khadiya, Panchmahal
Cattle Feed Plant, Hajipur, Sabarkantha
Cattle Feed Plant, Bajipura, Surat
Cattle Feed Plant, Itola, Vadodara
Cattle Feed Plant, Khergam, Valsad
Cattle Feed Plant, Dediyapada, Narmada
Cattle Feed Plant, Sihor, Bhavnagar
Cattle Feed Plant, Chandrani, Kutch
Cattle Feed Plant, Amreli
Product Advantages of Feeding Amul Cattle Feed:

From the traditional feeding practices it was observed that animals do not get all the required nutrition for efficient milk production, body maintenance and better reproduction. Therefore, milk producers are suggested to feed their animals with Amul Compound Balanced Cattle Feed which will increase the productivity of animals by providing balanced nutrition with necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals etc. in required proportion as suggested by animal nutritionists.

Benefits to milk producers by use of Amul Cattle Feed:

Continuous feeding of Amul Cattle Feed provides required nutrition to animals, which lead to
1. Increase in milk production
2. Improvement in health of animal
3. Improvement in fat content of milk
4. Regularisation of reproductive cycle and animal coming to heat at regular interval.
5. Improvement in Immunity of animal
6. Prevention from metabolic diseases and deficiency syndromes.

Cattle feed Ingredients:

Amul balanced Cattle feed is produced in pellet form and mash form by including following ingredients as per requirement and availability.

1. Grains
2. De-Oiled Rice Bran
3. Rice Polish Fine
4. Various types of broken grains and cereals
5. Molasses
6. Mineral Mixture
7. Grounded Salt
8. Vitamins
9. Oil seed extracts.
10. Many other agricultural ingredients.

Product Group : Animal Feed, Cattle Feed, Pellet Feed, Pashu Aahar, Dan, Dana, Sudana, Goli etc.

Product Class : Compound Balanced Cattle Feed

Brand Name : Amul Power Dan, Amul Buffalo feed, Amul Calf Starter, Amul Pregnancy feed, Amul Super Dan, Power Mixture, Nutri Power Pellet

Packaging : BOPP Laminated bags

Type :BIS Type-I and Type-II

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