Cooking, much like life is an art. The analogy goes even further. The joy of cooking is, the joy of the experience of creation, of transformation. It is the joy of enthusing life not only into recipe ingredients but also into those drooling evenings after a siesta, tired evenings after a hard days bread winning, those what to do holiday mornings or those too late to call night, too late to call morning hours at a family reunion, when one by one everyone starts to retire for the night (..or day).

To put it in other words, much like other aspects of life, it takes a bit of perspiration and lots of inspiration. We may like to hold different views on this but ain't inspiration all about differentiation and individual perspectives?

Therefore if we may say, this Amul Cheese Cook Book series with its meticulously detailed recipes will definitely equip you with a few tricks up your sleeve but we think it has a wider spectrum.

Did it ever had you thinking, that cheese is cheese and what new it could have to say about itself?

Welcome to the wonders that Amul Cheese can do for you or to say to you. We promise that this collection will help seed a different kind of love in hearts. Or, should we say appetite in bellies? Watering mouths? Here we say seed because rest is all inspiration, your own imagination.

Amul Cheese is processed cheese, so it has good keeping quality. As cheese making reduces 8 parts of milk to about one part of cheese, it has concentrated goodness of pure creamy milk.

Table of Contents