Amul Whipping Cream

Product Details

Product Name Amul Whipping Cream
Description Amul Whipping Cream
Packing 1 Ltr & 250ml

Product Specifications

Composition 30 % Fat (Pure Milk Fat)
Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Amount per 100 g


288 kcal

Total Fat

30 g

         Saturated Fat

58 g

         Trans Fat

0 g

Total Carbohydrate

2.8 g

Added Sugar

0 g


1.7 g

Not a significant source of Vitamin C and Iron.

* Approx. Values

Shelf Life 120 days.
Storage condition Cool and dry place

Product Features

  • Amul is launching a whipping cream which would be the first Dairy-based whipping cream in India.
  • Dairy based whipping cream can be used at home and it is extremely creamier with rich taste compared to commonly available vegetable fat based whipping creams.
  • The product has 30% fat and is used for both cooking and as a topping and stored in dry place due to UHT processing and Tetra pack packaging.
  • Made from fresh and pure milk cream
  • Available in two convenient pack
  • No preservative added
  • Product Usage: The product has to be whipped so that it doubles/triples up in volume and achieves desired and form.

Product Application

  • Amul whipping cream is used for making pastries and cake.
  • Amul whipping cream is used as topping - Decoration /sponge base creaming
  • Amul whipping cream is a multiple application cream which can be used for whipping as well as for cooking
  • Amul Whipping cream can be used for making softy and fruit base desserts.

Available in (Segments/Markets)

Amul Whipping Cream is available in major markets of India including all metro cities.
Amul Whipping Cream is available in segments like Modern Format store / Amul Parlors / Hotel & Restaurant segment / Caterer etc