Amul Kool Milk Shaake

Product Details

Product Name Amul Kool Milk Shaake
Description Sterilised Homogenised Dairy based drink. Amul Kool Millk Shaake is the balanced blend of best quality fruit solids (Mango, Strawberry, Banana) and goodness of milk. For Badam Millk Shaake: Milk Solids and Almond Pieces.
Packing Can: 220ml and Tetra: 180ml

Product Specifications

Composition Fat-2.7%, Milk Solid Not Fat - 8%
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 ml Mango, Strawberry & Banana Badam
Energy , kcal 106 91
Energy from Fat, kcal 24 27
Total Fat, g 2.7 3
Saturated fat, g 1.7 1.5
Cholesterol, mg 7.5 7
Total Carbohydrates, g 16 13
Added Sugar, g 8 8
Protein, g 4.5 3
Calcium, mg 200 140
Sodium, mg 70 50
Not a significant source of Iron and Vitamin C.
* Approx Values
Shelf Life Best before 180 days from date of packing when stored in a cool and dry place
Storage condition Needs no refrigeration until opened.

Product Features

Amul Kool Millk Shaake is a delicious dairy based drink rich in nutrients. Best quality and 100% natural fruit ingredients. Balanced blend of best quality fruits (Mango, Strawberry & Banana) and goodness of milk. Badam Milk Shaake contains Almond pieces.The product is sterilized to make it 100% Safe and Bacteria free. Apart from its refreshing fruit taste, the product has calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. for healthy growth of a human body. It offers longer shelf life and remains fresh for 6 months. It does not require refrigeration during storage. Tastes best when served chilled. Thickness and creaminess at its best when refrigerated for 24 hours. Shaake well before use.

Product Application

One Can of 220 ml Amul Kool Millk Shaake is enough to fill the stomach and satisfy the appetite. It brings goodness of fruits all the year around. Amul Kool Millk Shaake is the healthy option against carbonated soft drinks and provides value for money to the consumer.

This product can be consumed by all people irrespective of their age, i.e. all fruit lovers, anyone looking for healthy fruit based milk drink, people on the move, etc

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Modern Format Stores, Retail Outlets & Amul Parlours

Amul Kool Milk Shaake

Amul Kool Milk Shaake

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