Amul Butter Bun

Product Details

Product Name Amul Butter Bun
Description Butter Bun.
Packing (Volume) 300g, 400g

Product Specifications

Composition Refined wheat flour, sugar, yeast, white butter (1.1%), iodized salt, gluten powder.
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
5 Servings per container
Serving Size       50g 
Amount per 100 g* %RDA#
Energy (kcal)2556%
Total Fat (g)1.71%
Saturated Fat (g)0.82%
Trans Fat (g)00%
Cholestrol (mg)2 
Carbohydrate (g)51 
Total Sugars (g)3.5 
Added Sugars (g)3.33%
Protein (g)9 
Sodium (mg)41510
*Average values
#RDA stands for Recommended Dietry Allowance per serving
Shelf Life 5 days
Storage condition Store in Cool, Dry and Hygienic Place. Once opened store at refrigerated temperature preferably in an air tight container.

Product Features

Made with Amul butter, no added vegetable oil. Amul Butter Bun is soft, flavourful and is ideal for making Burgers, Maska Bun etc.

Product Application

Ready to eat.

Available in Markets

Amul Butter Bun is available in Ahmedabad market.